Sunday, March 9, 2014

His Band is TOO LOUD now, and He Wants An Amplifier!

My sons garage band is really loud. To the point of neighbor complaints. I had the garage insulated to help cut the noise so it's been better, but now he's been looking at Fishman Amplifiers. I told him if he got one he'd have to keep the volume down. If it went up and we had complaints he'd lose the amplifier. That didn't seem to deter him any so he's getting it for his birthday. I hope he keeps his word.
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Work is NOT What It's Cracked Up to Be

Is anyone else tired of working? I am so tired of my life being work, a few hours in the evening, then sleep and work again. There has got to be something else. What the heck am I missing??

Sunday, February 23, 2014

New Kitchen Cabinets! Yippee!

My husband said we are finally re-doing the kitchen. That means new cabinets!! Yippee! Mine are all but falling apart. I know just the cabinets I want. They are a beautiful oak in color, and they have shelves that slide. Do you have any idea how nice that will be? Instead of having to squat down and search for things I can actually slide the shelves out. It seems like a small thing but it's a great thing to me.
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Oldest Know Holocaust Survivor Passes Away

I read today that the oldest know holocaust survivor has passed away. This doesn't stop the memories of what happened in the past. We will always remember Hitler and his atrocities. Hopefully, it will stop us from repeating history in the future.
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Planning A Wedding, I Just Can't Wait!

I simply can't wait to help my niece plan her wedding. Her mom, me and her are going to plan it all. My job is the music, and the flowers. I've decided to hire wedding DJ david fox. I've heard a lot of good things about how he works the weddings. So now it's time to find who we'll buy the flowers from. That is if my niece can decide on her colors some time soon!
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Don't You Ever Get Tired of Shaving and Plucking?

Don't you as a woman ever get tired of shaving and plucking? I know I do. How have we lived on this planet so long and no one has come up with a easy, reasonably priced solution? There has simply got to be an answer. The crap us women go thru each day is unbelievable. It's time for some help!
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Figuring Out Health Insurance is Ominous

Trying to figure out what health insurance to buy is nowadays very ominous. I've been looking for health insurance burlington nc. I want the best insurance for the best price regardless of Obama Cares rules and mandates. I buy insurance because I think it's important not because the government says I need it but because I say I need it.
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