Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A New Musician in the Family!

My great niece has such a love for music. She's becoming quite a musician. She also has a beautiful voice. I'm not sure what her future holds but I wouldn't be surprised to find her becoming famous with her abilities. It's quite funny though her mother can't play or sing a note and unfortunately neither can I. So it sure didn't come from our side of the family!

Is This All There Is?

Does anyone else get tired of the grind?? Working everyday, cooking, cleaning then getting up to do it all over again. Isn't there anything more to life. I'm completely bored with the whole thing! Anyone have any suggestions??

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Searching For Spring!

Yep, I'm on the search for spring! I've been outside and it's not quite there but I have been searching a particular website that has tons of spring things on it. Flowers, new spring tops, sandals you name it they got it. Now if our weather would just catch up with my daydreaming everything would be perfect!

Mrs Doubtfire Sequel???

Cover of "Mrs. Doubtfire [Blu-ray]"
Cover of Mrs. Doubtfire [Blu-ray]
I read today that they want to make a "Mrs Doubtfire" sequel. Really what is there actually to sequel?? It ended it was over, everything was resolved so where is there to go with the story??
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Helping My Niece With Her Business

My niece started a new business. She's fresh out of college and I want to help her any way I can. She was trying to figure out the information for small business tax prep this year and was completely in over her head. I finally directed her where she could find some help. Experience sometimes really does help. Now All I can do is pray that her business is a success and does really great!
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How Was Your Easter?

Easter Eggs
Easter Eggs (Photo credit: .imelda)
Easter is here again. I'm thrilled that it's also a sign of spring. I'm ready to wear sandals, paint my toes, and wear capri's and shorts. See the sun shine, the flowers bloom and the start of a new season.
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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Work is NOT What It's Cracked Up to Be

Is anyone else tired of working? I am so tired of my life being work, a few hours in the evening, then sleep and work again. There has got to be something else. What the heck am I missing??