Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Are You A Music Fan?

Are you a music fan? I'm a great music fan but I'm not a tyrant about the kind of music I listen to. I like all kinds of music and I'm really eclectic about it. I've been searching on the internet and looking at different pages of the kind of music that's available so I want to get a list of what I like to listen to. The problem with this is that it has such a range of music That one song could be jazz and then next hard rock and roll. Is that weird?

Anyone Else Watch "The Librarians"?

I love that show! It has all the adventure I wish I had the chance to partake in but sadly don't get the chance to. Wouldn't it be amazing if even a small part of it were true? A world full of real magic? I would love that how about you?

Looking for a Different Insurance Company

We've been looking for a different insurance company. I've spent the time doing some investigation and I really like don allred insurance but I'm really not sure. I want to get the best insurance for the money I can spend. I'm pretty sure but, I think I'll just do more investigation to be sure. Once I have that done then I can move on to cleaning the house, whoopee!!

Are you into Vinyl?

Old Congolese 78 rpm records, being the three ...
Old Congolese 78 rpm records, being the three on the lower left examples of Ngoma discs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I work at one of the greatest places in the world if you are a vinyl fan. I work at Acoustic Sounds. Due to Chad Kassem he's helped start a revival in the enjoyment of vinyl records again. We now have a pressing plant to press them at and sell vinyl on his website Nothings better than vinyl for sound quality and we try to put the quality back into the product. You ought to check it out!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Dancing Salsa At Her Wedding!

My niece moved to California after she graduated from college. She's getting married in a few months and wants to dance salsa at her wedding reception. So now she's searching for some place to take salsa dance lessons in los angeles. Now since we'll be dancing salsa I need to take lessons too!

Matt Damon Playing Jason Bourne Again

English: Matt Damon at the 66th Venice Interna...
English: Matt Damon at the 66th Venice International Film Festival Nederlands: Matt Damon op het 66e Venice International Film Festival Français : 66ème Festival du Cinéma de Venise (Mostra), 6ème jour (07/09/2009) Photocall avec Matt Damon et Steven Soderbergh pour le film : The Informant (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I read today that Matt Damon is going to play Jason Bourne again. I thought he was really good in that role so I'm happy to read another movie will be coming out. Way to go Matt!

Searching For New Furniture

I've been looking for new furniture for the living room, love seats to be exact. My sister told me to check at Bernhardt Furniture. So that's where I'm heading tomorrow. Hopefully, it won't be too difficult. I just need two love seats that match, in a dark color, made by a good brand name. Kinda like cleaning out the oven.